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Ciencia provides, on a contract basis, a variety of technical services, which include research and development in the physical and biological sciences, engineering analysis and design, instrumentation development, software development, systems integration, prototype fabrication, and small-scale manufacturing of optical and electronic instrumentation. Ciencia has the capabilities to start from a concept, through a system's analysis and feasibility assessment, to delivery of an integrated fully functional system. Capabilities include:

Engineering analysis Analytical chemistry
Computational modeling Spectrophotometry
Feasibility assessments Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Mechanical design and fabrication Fluorescence Microscopy
Electronic design and fabrication Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Optical system design and fabrication Raman Spectroscopy
RF, analog and digital Electronics Reflectance Spectroscopy
Fiber-optics Color analysis
Software development Fluorescent drug analogues
Systems integration Fluorescent biomolecule conjugates
Prototyping Bioassays and Biosensors


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